According to the February- March 2008 issue of American Psychologist “Online Predators and Their Victims,” online child molesters are generally not pedophiles and are rarely violent. In addition, offenders do not hide their intentions about their sexual interests with their victims. This is why crimes of this nature are much more difficult to prevent and therefore the precautions have to be more explicit.

Online predators target their victims on websites, chat rooms, email and texting.

According to, the most common crimes committed by online sexual predators are:

  • Giving illicit media- photography, audio, or video to children below the age of consent
  • Engaging a minor in sexually-explicit chat
  • Arranging to meet with a minor with the intent of performing an illegal, unlawful, and unethical sexual act

Here are the different types of online predators to watch for (according to

The Gatherer

This online predator gathers media that contains photography or video pornography. They do no have a criminal record because this usually starts out as what they believe to be a harmless hobby. The Gatherer can become dangerous and make more risks as the obsession grows.

The Producer

The producer distributes child pornography to pedophiles. Children victims who have low insecurity are easy targets for the producer who uses them as “actors” for their movies.

The Talker

The talker targets victims in chat rooms and take their time earning the child’s trust. Acting much like a mentor, they use their trust to engage in sexual talk and sometimes use web cams.  This is the most common type of online predators that parents fear.

The Voyager

The voyager will build a relationship with their victim and seek out to meet in person. Oftentimes, blackmail is used to keep the voyager’s relationship needs going.

Know the seriousness that online predators can bring and educate yourself and loved ones on the predator profile.

For more information on how to educate your children on online predators, please visit Adina’s Deck.