Being a victim of cyber bullying is hard, especially when it is unclear as to why you are being harassed. But when the constant pestering and intimidating threats continue to bombard your computer or cell phone, they become hard to ignore. Here are some reasons why people cyber bully:

  • Revenge
  • Resentment
  • To Exert Authority
  • Boredom
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • By accident or non-malicious intent

While you cannot change how the person doing the cyber bullying feels, you can change your behavior and actions to offset unwanted behavior by:

1) Never respond to bullying and harassing comments

  • This takes away power from the cyber bully

2) Show consideration to others online

  • Respect others’ feelings and be polite when communicating with others

3) Change passwords frequently and set privacy settings

4) Be cautious with photos that you post or send

  • Pictures can come back to haunt you or can be used to track your location

5) Never pass along messages that have to do with cyber bullying

  • It’s best to delete cyber bullying messages about someone else and to stop it in its tracks!

Remember: Even though you cannot see a cyber bully or their victim, cyber bullying is real and it can be very hurtful to those involved

To learn more about cyber bullying or ways to prevent cyber bullying, please visit Adina’s Deck